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Burgundy Candle Warmer 2 in 1

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These electric 2 IN 1 ceramic candle warmers are a safe alternative to burning candles. They produce no flame, soot or smoke. Just place a glass container candle onto the ceramic warming plate, plug it in and turn it on! The ceramic plate will heat the wax, melting it and releasing the scent without having to light the candle. You can use Jar Candles on the base up to 4 inches in diameter. The 4" Dish is perfect for warming tarts, and scented oils. Our warmers are made of quality ceramic. Plastic candle warmers, which are commonly seen on the market, are easily stained by colored wax, our ceramic warmers just wipe clean. There is an easy to use On/Off switch located on the power cord. Overall height 3.5" by 5.5" diameter. Perfect for any home docor. Shipping Weight: 2lbs