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Here are our latest announcements, see the posts below this top note for regular site updates.

CLOSED DATES 2017  - We will be closed on these upcoming dates this year. Orders will resume shipping the next business day on these days.

Wed, Oct 4th
Fri, Nov 3rd

09/15/17 - Restock of Candle Warmers has arrived, and have been added to the site. On many items we have more than the site shows, and we will add more each time they run low. This prevents one customer from buying up all our inventory.

Also, we are no longer accepting Amazon FBA orders for Candle Warmers and Dream Catchers from any customer. The amount of sellers for these products has become flooded, and our supplier is no longer allowing us to sell to Amazon FBA sellers on these. Sorry

09/5/17 - Our First Class Mail option for orders under 1lb has been down for a few days now. At this time we are manually refunding the shipping difference for those orders. Or you can contact us about sending paypal payments directly to us for the orders (rather than ordering through the site). We hope to hear some info soon on when this will be fixed.

08/15/17 - Restocks of Candle Warmers should arrive after early September.

We have recently received some restocks of Super Plush Blankets. In the coming weeks we will be getting a lot more designs in as the Fall season picks up.

Also, the Queen Size Super Plush blanket shipping weights have been lowered to 5lbs to save some money. The blanket is the same, we just had a change in shipping packaging to shave off some weight. Also, we have lowered the pricing on some designs. Almost all restocks coming soon will have the lower pricing as well.

01/02/17 - We will begin posting site updates on this page. Our site provider has significantly increased the cost of the newsletter feature, so we will not longer be sending site updates by email.