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4" Glowing Blue Glass Jellyfish

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1 - 2
3 - 11
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YouTube clip of this design on one of our LED bases. Sold Separately.

This one of the most unique items around. These are 4" handmade glow in the dark glass jellyfish. Once in the light for a little while you can turn the lights off and watch them glow. Or purchase one of our LED bases that has 4 different colors and watch the jellyfish change different colors. Everyone is different meaning if you buy two of the same color you will get two unique jellyfish.  Since each one of these is slightly different, small blemishes inside the glass and bubbles to not constitute a defective product. The bubbles are there on purpose to make it look as if its in water. Since these are made of glass and are heavy you will find the best shipping rate per unit when you buy a few of them, they make great gifts. Shipping Weight: 2.25lbs