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As previously announced on April 13th, 2017

Dear New Customers and Long Time Customers,

Edge Wholesale is a small family run business that started in 2002. Having a small online business makes it hard to have extended family time. So this year, we are doing the same extended vacation that we did in 2015.

The site will be temporarily closing down from NOON EST JUNE 5th, until 9am EST JULY 5th. During this time, emails will be monitored and replies pertaining to questions or concerns will be sent at least once per day. During the time our site is down, you will not have access to your order history. Consider saving shipping emails with tracking numbers/order numbers leading up to June 5th in case you need to refer back to those orders if there is a delivery issue. We can also look up your orders if you provide us the “ship to address.” During these vacation days, if you have an order with a defective item we will refund the item, or send a replacement item as soon as we can. If a new item is requested, we will give you a shipping date, but it could be several days in the future because we will be out of town many days.

We realize this temporary closing will be an inconvenience for many of our customers. Once the site is re-opened on July 5th (around 9am EST) two coupon codes will be made available valid through July 23rd. The coupon codes will give 5% off all orders or 10% off orders over $200. Both codes can be used unlimited times. These coupon codes will be on the site once we re-open.

Eric M.

These coupon codes listed will remain on the site after we reopen. These are valid when we reopen July 5th until July 23, 2015:

"JULY200"  - 10% OFF ORDERS OVER $200